Niche Markets Offer Opportunities

In the world of affiliate marketing, niche markets reign supreme. Discover a product that few people are marketing for, and you will be competing with less websites. For example, if you build a website based around video gaming and try to promote Sony’s PlayStation III, you would face a large volume of competition. There are countless gaming websites, and even more affiliate marketers trying to promote gaming systems. However, if you built a website based on the benefits of a specific herbal supplement and promoted a merchant who sells that supplement, you will face much less competition.

Niche Markets Offer Opportunities

Let’s take a look at another industry altogether to see just how niche marketing works. In 1973, Dan Poynter became interested in a new aviation sport, hang gliding. Like most people, he was interested in learning more about his new sport. However, he found that there were no good books available on the subject. An entrepreneur at heart, Poynter saw this as a niche market opportunity. After learning about the sport through instructors and real world experience, he decided to write and self publish a basic manual for his favorite new hobby so that others who tried to join the sport would have knowledge readily available. Since then, Hang Gliding has sold over 130,000 copies! Because Poynter took advantage of a niche market, he was able to quit his job and become a full time self-publisher. But he did not stop there-he continued write and publish over 80 other niche market books, making more than a successful living for himself. In other words, find a niche market, monopolize it, and then move on to your next target niche.

Niche Markets Offer Opportunities

Although it may at first seem intimidating to operate multiple websites, it is actually rather simple: once you establish a successful website, it will continue to earn passive income with minimal maintenance. Also, there are many technologies available that make in increasingly easy to get a website up and running. As I mentioned earlier, website templates drastically reduce the time you would spend building a site. Furthermore, many larger merchants, such as, offer software through their affiliate program that allows their entire catalog of merchandise to be instantly uploaded on your site. This saves you the time of tediously entering individual pieces of data.

Keep in mind the following statistics. The average web surfer:

  • Spends just five seconds deciding whether or not he will stay on a given site
  • Does not like text-rich documents
  • Likes pictures, charts, and graphics
  • Reads the text under pictures and graphics
  • Does not like animated or flashy graphics polluting a site
  • Does not like sites with black or dark backgrounds
  • Does not like text written in light or difficult-to-read colors
  • Enjoys sites that have information that is direct and to-the-point
  • Enjoys finding exclusive offers

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