Include a limited offer bonus

There are a LOT of businesses out there offering very similar products and services – hundreds of accountants, coaches, consultants and therapists!

Include a limited offer bonusIt can be a challenge to capture and retain people’s attention unless you are an established brand name. Even then there are plenty of examples of companies that used to be ‘hot’ and have now lost their market share by failing to staying ahead… at one time we all wanted a Blackberry now everyone wants an iPhone.

As a consumer I’m always on the alert to understand what encourages me to buy from one company rather than another.

Clearly fabulous products and services are essential but often it’s those extra, less tangible, ingredients which make an offer irresistible and will encourage more sales.

Here are some examples…

Communicate end results – clients are less interested in the process than what the outcome will be if they use your product or service. Beauty products are a great example of this – they promote the promise to diminish wrinkles, fade age spots and keep us youthful, backed up by the latest and finest ingredients.

Cosmetics companies know what outcomes their consumers want and address these head on. Proof being that the UK beauty industry is in better shape than it has ever been, with a value of over £15bn and employing almost a million workers, according to research carried out by Cosmetic Executive Women UK. Oh and we all want FAST results!

Offer exclusivity – Even if you provide low cost products or services, include an exclusive offer. This could be a top end range that provides additional benefits or value. There will always be a number of clients (like me!) who want five star treatment, with lots of goodies and plenty of attention. Your premium clients will want more of your time as well as a unique experience… which of course is another incentive to buy.

Include a limited offer bonus – a special bonus can work very well for someone who is teetering on the edge, wondering whether to buy from you. I had this experience recently when I was interested in a particular company’s products but there wasn’t enough of an incentive for me to make the effort to get my card out to buy… until a limited offer came along.

Include a limited offer bonus

This offer included another product I had been thinking of buying for some time. I just needed that added incentive to make my purchase. Bonuses could include free tickets to your live events, a special audio recording, home study programme or additional face to face. Just make sure the bonuses relate to your main offer and that they are of value.

In creating irresistible offers your aim is to capture and generate interest and give a compelling reason to act now. When clients understand the results they will get and are encouraged by appropriate incentives you’ll open the door to more sales in your business.

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