Exclusively On DirecTV

One of the best things about having satellite television is that you are not relegated to the same programming that cable subscribers are. With both satellite providers (Direct TV and Dish Network), you get access to a wide range of great channels. However, Direct TV offers some of the best original programming, exclusively for their viewers. They constantly strive for new offerings, new ways for their subscribers to enjoy their viewing and new formats.

So, what are the newest exclusive offerings on Direct TV? The Supreme Court of Comedy is one such offering. This show offers real life court cases, settled by a real life judge, but represented by comedians! To quote the show itself, “verdicts are hilarious – and surprisingly just.” Watch Sinbad battle Tom Arnold for courtroom supremacy or Jamie Kennedy duke it out with Paul Rodriguez over the outcome of their cases.

Exclusively On DirecTV

Rock and a Hard Place is a new game show hosted by Meatloaf. Your favorite musicians battle each other in a game of trivia, the proceeds of which benefit charities around the nation. Each team represents its own choice of charities and you can catch some amazing pairings, like Eddie Money against 38 Special, Tiffany against Berlin, or the American Idol special. This is one game show that the whole family will enjoy watching.

Hometown Heroes is a Direct TV production hosted by Joan Lunden. This is a 30 minute format, uniquely created to showcase courage, love and acts of kindness. Each show features three real life heroes, each of whom is a Direct TV subscriber. If you know a hero, you can send in your recommendations; maybe your choice will be featured on this heartwarming show! You can find Hometown Heroes on channel 101, Direct TV’s exclusive channel dedicated to their subscribers.

In addition to the great options listed above, Direct TV offers unique sports packages that you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, NCAA Mega Mach Madness offers complete coverage of this incredibly popular college basketball competition, while NASCAR HotPass and NASCAR Zone offer in depth racing coverage. NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Super Fan and NFL Supercast offer you all the football that you will ever need and if you enjoy professional hockey, NHL Center Ice has you covered. For baseball coverage, MLB Extra Innings gives you the games that you want.

Exclusively On DirecTV

You can find a wide range of other sports options, as well. For soccer and rugby, you can choose MLS DirectKick, or Setanta Sports, while CricketTicket gives you all the cricket games that you desire. College sports are covered in depth through several comprehensive ESPN choices and much more, as well.

Direct TV is the number one choice of viewers all over the nation, and the J.D. Power and Associates awards won by the provider offer the proof required. Whether you want amazing channel listings or the best customer service available, you can find it all with this satellite television provider. For HDTV needs, Direct TV has you covered as well, including HDTV DVRs and advanced recording technologies.

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