Exclusive Listing Agreement

The greatest issue encountered by Property buyers these days is that, even when there is a variety of options for sale, they’re only disclosed to a handful of people. The main contributing factor for this issue is the unwillingness of property agents to talk about the data about different properties at their disposal with each other. Checking out the other end of the coin, we can also notice that this limits the options that the seller has, damaging his likelihood of offering at the right price considerably. You as a seller also run the risk of losing tabs on the entire process. The easy yet effective solution to this issue could be sought from making an exclusive listing agreement with the property owner.


How does an exclusive listing arrangement eliminate the flaws of the current system? And how such an agreement can be looked for without impeding the privileges of any involved party?

1. An exclusive listing contract works both for the property owner and the agent. The agent is assured to be monetarily compensated if he markets the property at a high price and thus is more motivated to get the same while the seller is most pleasant to any high offers that the real estate agent makes.
2. Legislatively, an exclusive listing contract would open the door for that medium by which 60% of all property buyers are called; a yard sign. After that is finished, the realtor will be open to offers that come his way through the yard sign and will work out for the best price.
3. Generally an exclusive listing agreement guards brokers motivations in the property, motivating him/her to devote more in promoting the property because they understand that their investment is safe and would, finally, pay dividends.

cash_2287131b-large_trans++pJliwavx4coWFCaEkEsb3kvxIt-lGGWCWqwLa_RXJU84. With an exclusive listing agreement, the property gets exposed to other agents resulting in the increase of the interest of the property and participation of more customers. A better selling price can be achieved from this process.
5. The exclusive listing agreement helps to keep the property owner included all through all the steps of the transaction. The agent gives you information with the buyer and ensures that it goes with no drawback.

For this reason, through an Exclusive listing agreement the property owner and the realtor join into one team and collaborate mutually for one single purpose; getting the maximum price of the property. Such an agreement is much better compared to a seller working for himself and striving to sell the property as a “for sale by owner”, since your agent is a competent of what he does and makes sure that the process continues with no problem. For that reasonFree Reprint Articles, you’re suggested to seek the assistance of a qualified professional. An exclusive listing agreement is very recommended!

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